Something isn’t right. It could be the job, the place you live, the relationship you are in, or the hobbies that consume your time. Day in and day out, you just don’t feel happy. A research report found that as many as one out of every three people are unhappy most of the time.

Unfortunately, many people just live with their unhappiness. It’s often the easiest route of least resistance to blame others, or your life conditions, or the weather, or the politicians, or the tax code, or your public school teacher who didn’t encourage or engage you enough. The problems you may have or could have are probably endless. Your unhappiness is real.

Restarting your life can happen in certain areas, attitudes, perspectives, work, and even a complete cathartic change of life. To be a person with the courage to restart you must begin with healthy and to take leaps of faith without all the answers. It is ultimately the ability to believe in yourself and a belief that God is in control. Restarting your life can happen in a day, over time, or anywhere in-between. Life calls for us to adapt. We are dependent on each other which constantly shifts priorities and views.

Every day is a new start. It is making yourself believe the truth is the hard part. When we arrive at a dead-end, we know we have no choice but to train our minds to do what’s best for ourselves – develop new habits, and over time some of these habits become as ingrained as the self-defeating choices we’d previously made. The world constantly changes. The trick is to make change work for you, not against you.

The people we are most emotionally invested in are our significant others, friends, family members, children, and beyond that are people we work with daily and our community at large. People who go through tough times together develop strong emotional attachments, and you only get to know how a person reacts in challenging situations over time.

Deciding to start or stay in a relationship, a job, or a community often hinges on the idea of making a difference. More and more, this is the deciding factor in peoples’ lives. A new relationship holds the promise of a different way of interacting with yourself, and the world. A new job can change your life and the lives of those who depend upon you.

Tune in and learn more about restarting and how to hit the reset button in your life!

Photos:”Start Here”, Courtesy of Gia Oris,, CC0 License; “Begin,” Courtesy of Danielle Macinnes,, CC0 License;