Erik Mildes, MA, LMHC Licensed Counselor & Approved Supervisor


We will work together through a process that focuses on your strengths and building skills to successfully master life's challenges. Erik Mildes specializes in family issues, couple counseling, men's issues, child and adolescent therapy, depression, anxiety, stress management, life transition, isolation and loneliness, grief and loss, spiritually and sense of worth.

Family Therapy
Families in today's culture are facing difficult and damaging issues everyday. Family therapy can aid in brining the family back together in a process that helps people feel loved, heard and understood. We will explore the family unit in a supportive and nurturing environment meant to stimulate growth, love, good communication, and compassion in order to better understand the ways in which family members impact each other.

Child and Adolescent Therapy
Today's young people are in a world unlike that ever seen before. They are being influenced by a culture that promotes stepping out of childhood innocents at far too young of an age. If you are experiencing a break down in communication or relationship with your son or daughter or would like for someone to walk beside them where you have been denied access then I can be of help. I will walk beside them to help them understand the issues that they are facing and the emotions that they are harboring in a healthy and enjoyable way that incorporates finding their unique voice in a diverse world.

Couple Counseling
In a time when marriages face a near 50% divorce rate it is easy to see that something is missing in our attempt to keep relationships vibrant and growing. I will provide a supportive and safe environment where couples can feel heard and understood to find wholeness as a person in order to find wholeness within the relationship. I will also walk with you and your partner into often plagued areas of your relationship in a one and a half hour session giving you vital tools in how keep your relationship healthy or bring it from the ashes. Often couples experience an improved sex life, healthier communication, a deeper level of intimacy with self and partner, a stronger appreciation for one another, and much more from entering into couple's counseling.

Men's Issues
The expectation for men to succeed in life is only dwarfed by the overwhelming possibility of failure. What is it that we as men are called to? How can we reach for this higher calling in the face of such oppositions as pornography, stress, expectation and the threat of failure? Men are striving for greater accomplishments and are increasing self-expectations. These expectations, daily demands, and responsibilities can often lead to feelings of stress, depression, and loss of self. Together we will address these issues and discuss effective ways of coping.

Depression can range from a mild feeling of unhappiness to debilitating despair. If you are experiencing increased sadness, decreased interest in activity, negative thinking, change in sleeping patterns, loss of energy, feelings of guilt, hopelessness, or difficulties concentrating, then I can come beside you and be there for you. Let me sit in the dark (grey) moments of your life with you so together we can experience connection and see colors again.

Symptoms of anxiety include increased worry, restlessness, tension, irritability, headaches, abdominal upset, or muscle tension and can often lead to an inability to do the things you find important or be around the people you love. Therapy can aid you in coping more effectively and improve your physical and emotional well being. We will focus on managing your symptoms of anxiety through identifying the underlying causes, discussing techniques of relaxation and anxiety reduction, identifying thinking patterns leading to increased worry, and increasing your awareness of the mind / body connection.

Stress Management
Stress can be related to life events such as financial pressure, death of a loved one, family conflicts, or work demands. Often an awareness of personal boundaries may lead to reduce stress and give you more control over your life. Whether you are overwhelmed or not challenged enough, professional assistance can help foster stress tolerance and promote wellness. Together we will address managing your stress through recognizing the stressors in your life and learning how to deal with stress using healthy strategies.

Life Transition
Life transitions may relate to a loss of a relationship, being recently laid off, shifts in your life's direction, feeling stuck or in a rut, wanting to change but don't know how, new parent/new family/blended family, and many more life issues. Life transitions occur throughout our lives, but at times we need additional support and guidance to see us through these changes. Learn how to grieve and to say goodbye for what once was in order to vibrantly jump into what is next.

Feeling alone or Disconnected
Times of feeling disconnected and lonely are often times painful or even frightening. At times individuals feel alone or insecure even when they are surrounded by friends or family. Through increased socialization, having a strong support system, and awareness of one's relationships with others, an individual can overcome isolation and begin living a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Grief and Loss
Grieving is nature's way of healing a broken heart after experiencing a significant loss. The art of grieving has been lost to a need to quickly get on with life that often leave us unhealed and without contentment. Learn how to grieve again while we work through changes that may be related to the death of a loved one, divorce, separation, a move, or the loss of a job. Give yourself the gift of time while together we honor yourself and others by allowing you to grieve and recognize the impact the loss had on your life.

Spiritual concerns are a normal part of life in today's world. Faith and spirituality are tied to a deeper level of living in community than many people realize. Many people in today's world have increasing difficulty with the church and questions surrounding their faith. These questions can often lead to resentment and hopelessness of the church and life. Dive into deeper levels of understanding and intimacy with your relationships to God and others in your faith community through a look at your own spirituality and how it has shaped your life.

Sense of Worth
The extent to which we love and respect ourselves has a lot to do with the how we have seen ourselves through the stories of our lives. How a person perceives themselves affects their relationships with their partner, children, family, friends, and co-workers. Many of our low self-esteem issues are rooted in our early life experiences, which result in ongoing feelings of guilt and worthlessness. I will assist you in rebuilding your sense of worth and finding your true voice in a look at your story through a new lens that will offer your early innocents and radiance to shine through struggles and abuse.

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