Benjamin Deu, MA, LMHC Licensed Counselor and Clinical Supervisor

Areas of Expertise

Couples – Enhancing intimacy and freedom in dating, pre-marital, and marital relationships.

Experience more fully who you are as an individual, as well as grow a loving bond between you and your partner. I work to help couples discover and enhance the unique gifts that they are as individuals and as a compliment to each other. I draw heavily from my own 13-year intercultural marriage and parenting to understand many of the challenges that intimate relationships encounter.

Issues of Sexuality – Experience newfound freedom in your body, gender, and sexuality.

Work through emotions, fears and compulsions. I help my clients get to the core of what it means to be a sexual being without killing the God-given desires of their heart. Whether you are going through an affair, struggling with lust, wondering what is contributing to your loss of sexual desire, or engaging in compulsive sexual behavior, experience grace on your way to freedom. Discover your true desires for intimacy as well as your longing to be known and accepted.

Anxiety – Stop anxiety from controlling your life.

Regain a sense of control by confronting your fears in a supportive environment. Learn helpful skills to maintain a more balanced sense of well being in your day-to-day living.

Emotional Disconnection/Numbness/Depression – Reconnecting with a sense of purpose and passion in life.

Enhance your desire for life, relationships and mobility. Get in touch with what excites you and motivates you while building support by engaging life in fresh new ways.

Addictive Behavior – Regain a sense of inner wholeness.

Reduce your dependency on drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and shopping etc… as coping mechanisms that keep you from experiencing fullness in life.

Self-Harming/Pain-seeking – Reduce your attraction to self-harming behavior.

Discover the roots and relational dynamics that contributed to these attractions. Sort through what is stirring within you in a safe and confidential environment.

Grieving Loss – A safe place to come undone and face life’s transitions.

Whether a divorce, miscarriage, or a loss of health, employment or loved one, we work together to create a safe place where you can explore and face the pain and emotions of loss—the struggle of transition and disorientation.

Spiritual Direction – Grapple with the challenges of faith and its impact on your life.

Continue to grow as a spiritual person. Enter into the mystery and tension of being a human being created for perfection yet living in a world where our desires are sometimes left unfulfilled. Are you struggling on the one hand to make sense of the pain in your life and God’s goodness on the other? I desire to come along side you in these struggles, to be with you as wisdom grows through becoming present to the pain and confusion of life.

Life Coaching – Exploring and expanding vision and potential, goal-setting, and developing a passion for life.

Most life coaches focus primarily on the present and the future. I tie this in with the therapeutic discovery of one’s past as a means to understanding and empowering their present and future goals. Time management, prioritizing life goals, simplifying busy schedules, and clarifying vision are some elements of the coaching services that I offer. I have over 3,000 hours of breakthrough/life coaching experience and look forward to assisting you in seeing your life’s calling come to fruition.


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